Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sea Lion and Girl

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Splash You Make Can Touch the World

by Jamie Sams

My Cherokee grandpa taught me this lesson when I was seven.  He took me to a fishing hole and asked me to throw a rock into the pond.  He asked me what I saw, and I replied that I saw a splash.  He asked me what else I saw, and I said a circle of water and another circle and another circle.  He then told me that every person was responsible for the kind of splash they made in the world and that the splash would touch many other circles, creating a ripple effect.  I sat there and watched the water until he asked me to notice the muddy bank where we were sitting.  He pointed out that one of the circular waves made by my rock was lapping at my feet, having found its way back to me.  Then he told me that we all need to be careful of the kinds of splashes we make in the world, because the waves we create will always come back to us.  If those splashes were hurtful, we will not welcome them back, but if the splash and the waves were made from goodness, we will be happy to see them come home.