Monday, July 4, 2011

Best-Read Articles in Lavender Country

In the flash of an eye, Lavender Country has passed the half-year mark, serving its readers with fun tidbits, heart-melting anecdotes and inspirational stories along the way for the past six months. Let's take a look at our top five most-read articles so far:

In fifth position is Sweeping Away Fallen Leaves .... and Nightly Blues... : love blossoms quietly amid fallen leaves. A piece on the surprisingly sedative effects of cleaning. Self-help can be available at just the tips of our fingers.

Tying for fourth place are 手帕般的邂逅 A Kind of Meeting Like a Handkerchief and The Story Behind Lavender Country .  The kinds of relationships that feed on us like parasites, in contrast to those that nurture us - in other words, relationships that should not be held illusions of and relationships that should be held close to heart; and the motivation behind this website, along with the atmosphere it aspires to evoke.

For runner-up, we have Why haven't we seen them? 为何没看见?: Another  romantic piece, this time inspired by two people who were once equally pure and innocent at heart. An essay on life's oft-neglected simple pleasures and a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Finally, *drum roll*  at the top place is ....
A Tale of Two Rats ! A  pair of star-crossed rodent lovers, or so it seems. Tribulation sometimes acts out only in our minds.

It looks like  The Story Behind Lavender Country  is the only post without a romance element. We sure need a dose of enchanting love - that which transforms our souls and uplift our spirits - in our lives.

Do you agree with the majority picks? What is your personal favorite? Drop us a note below and let us know! And not to forget, happy reading for the remaining months of the year ahead~

Lavender Country

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