Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not your average daily deal site: Philanthroper

Forget about disputes over fine lines, traps laid out to phish innocent folks, offers reading better than they really are. Instead of selling stuff - not to mention often stuff we can really do without - Philanthroper shares the story of a new nonprofit everyday, and if you are moved by the motivation behind it, you can give it a dollar. If you are a corporate organization, you can even advertise on the site to support the nonprofits. Philanthroper itself is a nonprofit too, taking no cuts from the donations and charging no fees for charities to be featured. Even if you are a bit tight in the wallet, merely reading the stories themselves helps us to gleam light about the world at large. Take for instance - do you know that some homeless women had to disguise themselves as men to get a meal or just to check in to a place to sleep? Or that the average U.S. teacher - already on meagre incomes - forks out $1500 a year to buy supplies for their classroom? The highlighted causes remind us how privileged most of us reading this are, and how much work there is to be done to make our world a more habitable place.

Share with your friends the featured charities and together, let's contribute to a better world.

Supplementary Video
Kids in Needs Foundation - School Supplies. Changing Lives.

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