Monday, May 9, 2011

Because You're Here 因为有你

Lavender Country expresses our deepest sympathies to the victims of the recent spate of multiple misfortunes in Japan. At the same time, we are also bowled over by the civilities demonstrated by the Japanese society in spite of the crisis. Perhaps behind every disaster is a lesson to be gleamed. For one, we share an enlightening piece of prose by a Japanese friend written in the thick of the turmoil:




Days after days of aftershocks accompanied by unsettling news and unsettling rumors. The unsettledness of blackouts accompanied by the unsettling everyday.

The state of the shelves in supermarkets and convenience stores. The daily train journeys to and from work, not knowing when everything will come to a sudden halt.

Thinking of one's work prospects darkens the day even more!

Yet although everyone is faced with a myriad of uneasiness inside oneself, the critical issue is how to channel them out and achieve a good emotional balance, isn't it?

And that - is not something attainable by a single person.

Someone looking after one.

Someone inquiring after one.

Someone who's willing to lend a ear to even mundane grouses.

The presence of such precious people, I feel, is a source of happiness by itself.

Thinking of this, my heart felt a great deal lighter.

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