Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Source: iTunes

Gorgeous scenery, soothing music, sound of a bubbling stream - all in the setting of a beautiful classic Japanese guest room. Featuring vivid graphics, cool animation and calming background sounds that all change with the seasons and from day to night, this iTunes application takes your mind off from the mundane daily life and transports you to faraway Japan for a brief relaxing moment. The details of the room setting, ranging from the common ones such as the tables and floors to the exquisite items like wind chimes, lampshades and hanging lanterns, can be customized by the user. The shoji (sliding doors and windows) alone has 15 designs available for selection.

Yearning for a vacation? Tired of the perennial sultry summer all year round in the tropics? Embark on a virtual journey to Japan right away!

Read more about the technical features here.

Interesting note about shoji: In traditional Japanese culture, the shoji serves not only practical purposes, but also aesthetics purposes in a special way. When tears or holes emerge in a shoji, instead of replacing the entire screen, objects such as maple leaves would be attached to these damaged areas, beautifying the shoji as a result. Thus in a marvelous fashion, the shoji's aesthetic value increases with its wear and tear over time, whereas a normal door or window would have become an eyesore. Environmentally friendly and adding a touch of beauty from nature, the traditional usage of shoji gives us much inspiration in the modern high-consumption and high-waste society.

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