Monday, January 24, 2011

Love lives on... 爱未灭。






Even on the day my body turns cold
My feelings for you will not perish

For even drying flowers
Pass on the eternal pulse of life
——Opening lines from the Japanese theme song of ‘Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi’, ‘Thousand Years of Love’

Losing a loved one is inevitable in life. Close or deep in the throes of love as two people may be, death ultimately separates them one day. We often console ourselves by saying that the other party lives on in our hearts or that death is a passage of life. What we never realized, however, is that our beloved had never really perished, for the disappearance of their bodies did not undermine the love they had forked out for us in their times. The present may be inescapable, the future fraught with uncertainties, yet the past can never be erased. Their every word of concern, each act of sacrifice and all heartfelt thoughts for us do not fail to have existed just because of their absence from now. Rather, their love for us has crystallized as the gifts, tangible and intangible, they bestowed us; is embodied in ourselves, who have made it thus far in life with their support; and flows on in our blood as we march courageously on like they have hoped. Living on positively and spreading the love they have lavished on us to those around shall thus be the greatest salutation we can give to the departed.

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