Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweeping Away Fallen Leaves .... and Nightly Blues

Breakout Episode 17 破天网第十七集
...it'll help you to sleep.

Tonight's romantic episode of blockbuster Breakout (破天网):
Yang Nianqing, the troubled female lead struggling with a traumatic past and a dysfunctional family, expressed her simple desire of falling asleep to her love interest Situ Dongcheng, instead of seeing visions of her mother and boyfriend, both of whom were killed helplessly before her eyes. When work ended, she wanted him to drive her to a water hole to indulge in her reliance on alcohol. The latter though took her to a park and instructed her to sweep away the fallen leaves to make the work of the aged cleaner easier, stating that sweeping the leaves will cure her insomnia. Although in disbelief, Yang Nianqing took on the challenge. The two began sweeping the yellow leaves on the path with tree branches. After more than an hour of the ordeal, Yang Nianqing promptly fell alseep on Situ Dongcheng's shoulder... ...

Other than providing fodder for a romantic storyline, cleaning in general does help chase away insomnia blues, even outside the silver screen. According to the article 6 Ways that Cleaning Can Alleviate Stress on About.com, cleaning has the therapeutic effect of relieving stress through clearing clutter in the physical environment, focusing our attention on the present moment and providing a form of exercise, among other reasons. So to fall asleep in a cost effective way, why not simply tidy up your room, or well, head down to the park nearby and pick up a branch ...

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